Indonesian Electricity Exhibition 2015

Indonesian Electricity Exhibition 2015
Indonesian Electricity Exhibition 2015 is soon to be held in Surabaya. The exhibition that has been running for the sixth time has theme “National Consolidation Achieving 35,000 Power Plants Development”. 

In line with the commitment of PT. PLN (Persero) for increasing the Electrification Ratio for a brighter Indonesia, encouraging PLN working hard from time to time and making serious efforts to improve performance. It is proven by a well preparation, as accelerating the development of electricity infrastructure to support the compliance growth continuously in electricity consumption needs by society and the industry, which increase every year. And it is the government and PLN’s main focus together with the electricity stakeholders in our country. Strong infrastructure and adequate electricity, are believed to be the main stimulus to attract the investors to invest in Indonesia.

With the commitment from PLN, and supported by accelerated development of electricity infrastructure, the growth of the national economy in recent years will faster, and become one of the best both in Asia and globally. 

Every year, The Indonesian Electricity Exhibition had been made a positive contribution to the growth of electricity industry and simultaneously increasing the Domestic Component Level (DCL) in each component of domestic electrical products. 

Indonesian Electricity Exhibition 2015 event, will be participated by all elements of stakeholders in the electricity sector including subsector electricity supporters, electrical organizations both from local and abroad, the authority of electricity sector in Indonesia. This also become one of the business meeting point, education, and also as an effective media information to the public about recent electricity developments in the country.